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Our Terminal & Logistics Services

Blue Compass

At North Shore Marine Terminal & Logistics, we offer a wide range of logistics services to meet your transportation needs. Click here to learn more about our services.

Drydock Services

We carry out the effective planning of dry dock repairs, retrofits and conversions, as well as supervision of these services.

Vessel Berthing

We offer vessel berthing services to ensure safe and efficient docking of your ships at our pier and dock facilities.

Cargo Handling

Our team of experienced personnel can handle all your cargo needs, from loading and unloading to transportation and storage.

Heavy Lift Dock

Our heavy lift dock is capable of handling bulk cargo as well as ocean-going, internationally-flagged cargo ships.

Marine Construction & Repair

Our marine construction and repair services can help you with any project, big or small, on the northwest shore of Lake Michigan.

Specialty Hauls

At Basic Towing, our sister company, we offer ice breaking, launch assistance, and specialty hauls to meet your unique transportation needs.

Blue Compass

Equipment Available

Faded compass
  • 74,000 sq. ft. fabrication, shop, & warehouse

  • 1,000 ton Cincinnati brake

  • Messer plasma cutting table

  • 160' x 65' certified floating drydock with removable sidewall

  • 2008 450 ton Manitowoc crane

  • 100 ton 12" double H bitts every 65'-75' spacing along dock ensuring safety for moorage

  • 6" main with 4" risers for potable water along dock & pier for water access

  • 480 V 3phase power available

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